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Flexibility is the Keyword

Flexibility is the keyword of SCHENA ARTE MARMO. The availability of all the stones on the market and the production of their Serpentine give them the possibility to produce any kind of work for the building construction: stairs, thresholds, window sills, walkways, curbs, railings, garden furniture, building facades.

SCHENA ARTE MARMO has its own design office offering complete technical assistance, implementation relief and guarantee the quality of work carried out, thanks to the constant presence of staff in the yard.

Map, massiv in self-locking blocks of stone

Map® is a new generation product; it is 100% natural stone, that has technical characteristics of the traditional paving in self-locking blocks keeping all the advantages given by this construction.


1) aesthetic value of natural stone
2) high load-bearing capacity
3) absolute simplicity in maintenance
4) dimensional measurements calibrated
5) speed in the installation
6) natural product without additives or chemical products
7) good value "quality / price"

Technical dates of Map

Compression breaking-load: 242MPa
Compression breaking-load after freezing: 44.7MPa
Soaking ratio(by weight): 0.07% Bending strength: 48.2MPa
Weight per unit of volume: Kh/m32,795

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